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This Week at Boulevard

Wednesday, February 26th
  6:00 pm  Instrumental Rehearsal
  6:30 pm  AWANA/Mid-Week Worship/Youth Worship
  6:45 pm  Worship Choir Rehearsal
Friday, February 28th-Saturday, February 29th
  6:00 pm  Women meet at the church to go to KC for the Biblical Theology Workshop
Sunday, March 1st
Week of Prayer for North American Missions
  9:00 am  Sunday School (new electives begin)
10:15 am  Morning Worship Service
  6:00 pm  Evening Worship Service/Lord's Supper

~Senegal Mission Trip: we have 4 members getting ready to go on the mission trip to Senegal in March, Pastor Mat, Luke Johnson, Kylie Gillen & Katie Roussell. If you would like to give monetary support please mark your envelope with "Senegal". Thank you for your generous support!  Also, please be in prayer for these 4 and their families as they prepare for this trip.

~Upcoming Youth Activities 
Fritz's Adventure: Saturday, March 14, meet at the church at 10am. Cost is $8/youth.  Pizza & drinks will be provided but you may bring money for other concessions.  Prior to the event please fill out an online waiver at Online Liability Waiver

Online Liability Waiver


Disciple Now: Friday April 3-Sunday, April 5. Cost is $30/student. Sign up by March 15.  Email Pastor Nathan the shirt size at
Signups for both events are on the bulletin board in  the fellowship hallway.

~Nursery Workers' Meeting is Sunday, March 8 at 5:15pm

~New Sunday School Electives begin this Sunday, March 1st.
Bible Study: Ezra-Nehemiah
Taught by: Bob Behnke
Location: Fellowship Hall         
A Biblical excursion of God’s people returning from exile in Babylon to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem and the missions of the prophets Ezra and Nehemiah in 5th/6th century BC.

 A Book Study:  Taking God At His Word by Kevin DeYoung
Taught by: Casey Perryman
Cost: $7
Location: Education Building, 1st room on the left
Can we trust Scripture? Is Scripture sufficient? Is Scripture necessary?  Are the teachings of Scripture knowable? If so, what does that mean for us? These are some of the questions we will be tackling in class. The book study will make up the majority of our lessons. A handful of lessons will delve into other questions we are challenged with by the skeptic today concerning the validity and origin of Scripture. We as Christians need confidence in the Word of God. I look forward to deepening our view and strengthening our confidence of His Word. Sola Scriptura. 

 Women’s Class Book Study: Steadfast: A Devotional Bible Study on the Book of James by Courtney Doctor
Taught by: Le Ann Price
Cost: $12
Location: Education Building, 1st room on the right
Faithfulness regardless of our circumstances. That’s what it means to be steadfast. But in a world where so much can undermine our faith or pull us off track, steadfastness is often a rare and elusive trait. James longs for his readers to be steadfast. His letter meets us in our suffering and sickness, our trials and temptations, our wealth and poverty, our ups and downs. He confronts our sin, our speech, and our pride. He encourages believers to have a more resilient and concrete faith: not just to hear the word, but to do it. He calls us to persevere in truth in a world of lies, to see that God’s steadfast love is ultimately the source of our steadfast faith.